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Thank you for visiting us. Your presence here shows your enthusiasm for becoming a Certified Fitness Professional. We assure you that with our pocket-friendly and non-traditional training courses, you will bring a positive change in the fitness industry.


Fit Pro Coach™ Certification Program aims to coach individuals into highly qualified certified professionals. Our mission is to continuously raise the standard of the fitness industry. All our courses are systematically

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Frustrated with the Fitness Industry practices in India, Sumit Vasvani decided to step into the arena to make a change. 


Back in 2008, a plump 14-year-old Sumit decided to hit the gym to lose weight. At that time, he didn’t have the slightest idea that this decision would not only transform his body, but also his life. He felt in love with the process of shaping his body through rigorous training and a suitable diet. In 5 years, Sumit transformed himself as a professional bodybuilder and started winning bodybuilding titles after titles. 

But he wasn’t satisfied with the titles. Lack of certified trainers and proper certification programs in Rajasthan made him worried. All he can see was self-styled fitness gurus and expensive training programs. So he decided to bring a revolution in the fitness industry. 

He knew that only winning the titles wasn’t enough to bring a change. So, he went on a learning spree and got hold of more than 10 international and national fitness certification courses. While acquiring the certifications, he also worked as a personal trainer for more than 2 years. All his accolades, titles, certifications, and work experience makes him one of the best and trusted Body Transformation Coach of Rajasthan. All this made him qualified to bring that change.

In 2017, Sumit founded Fit Pro Coach™.

His mission is simple. He wants to provide top-grade fitness training certifications at an affordable price so that people will have successful careers in the fitness industry by transforming the lives of others.

And he has been successful in his journey.

Sumit’s advanced and well-researched training methods have produced many top-notch fitness coaches in Rajasthan. Many of his students are well-placed at various esteemed Gyms and Fitness Studios. And a few of them had started their own fitness centers.

Now don’t wait further, click here to know about our certifications and courses. Join us and achieve your dream of becoming a Fitness Expert. 

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Here is a calculator to help you determine your BMR & TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Just plug in the numbers and you are good to go.

Activity levels

Sedentary - 1.2 - You don't work out and have a desk job

Lighty Active - 1.375 - You have a desk job, you work out 1-3x a week

Moderate - 1.55 - You work out 3-5x a week OR you have a job with some manual labor

Heavy - 1.725 - You work out 5-7x a week OR you have a job with a lot of manual labor

Very Heavy - 1.9 - 2x a days or a job with manual labour and frequent gym use