About us

About us

FIT. ED. ACADEMY Of Exercise Science, the only Fitness Certification provider, based in Rajasthan is a brainchild of Mr.Sumit Vasvani, a Master in Strength and Conditioning, with 10+years of experience in coaching and research.

We are extremely organized and dedicated to the cause of building stellar careers for individuals who aspire to have a bright future in the fitness industry.

Every course offered by the academy is thoroughly conceptualized through an in-depth and exhaustive scientific research and every course provided is benchmarked as industry standards.
To make things easier for students to comprehend, we have adopted an application-based approach to make our Certified Fitness Professionals successful and effective coaches.

We aspire to be acknowledged for our unrivaled success in providing the finest fitness knowledge available to help our students achieve their maximum individual potential.


Mr.Sumit Vasvani is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Professional, Certified CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Specialist, Certified Fitness kickboxing instructor, Certified Group Exercise Leader, Gold medalist in multiple National and state bodybuilding championships.
He started young and at an early age of 14 he was conscious enough to choose a career path and started working out, later at the age of 18 he won his first title in Mr.Rajasthan juniors and after that he won a total of 7 titles in the span of 3 years of his professional bodybuilding career. There are various other laurels that add to his already established life besides having many certifications. Being a fitness professional himself he knows the struggle and hard work put in to earn a living and thus he has decided to take a game-changing step towards improving the earning potential of fitness professionals by introducing fitness certification courses and programs of international standards that one can afford easily. He knew that these certification processes cost a lot in India and thus, he wanted to do something for the people of India and started his academy at really affordable costs and at the same time maintaining industry and international standards.

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